Campfire Wax Melt from Whicks N Whacks Review

This weather is really annoying me, now I know it’s never exactly a barmy summer here in the UK anymore but it’s nearly July! All I see on the future weather forecasts is more rain!  I’m always pretty random about what I like to burn during the year anyway but this ever changing weather is always confusing my scent choices too. This Campfire scent from Whicks N Whacks really helped with one of my “what shall I burn today?” moments.

I’ve always loved fire scents and this one is high on my list of favourites. It’s woody and smoky, it’s very unisex too – the man in your life will love this. The scent isn’t too overpowering which can be off putting with scents like this. I know that the smell of smoky wood is not for everyone. It’s also quite spicy, which I love and it really gives the scent some punch. I’d love to mix this with a marshmallow based scent – now I want smores!

It’s a great scent on its own but also great to mix too. I got over ten hours of full throw of this and then about four hours where it eased off but it was still smokin’ its wood based self. 😉

There’s so much wax goodness from Whicks N Whacks and I’ve got my eye on this bakery 6 pack. Banana Nut Muffin, Blueberry Cheesecake, Cherry Amaretto, Lemon Cake, Vanilla & Berries and Cinammon Spice – all of my favourites!

I’ve got some more goodies to review from Whicks N Whacks soon. Be sure to check them out on Instagram and Facebook too.

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