Wax and Wicks Wax Melts Review

I was sent a box of wax melts to try out from Wax and Wicks. We’ve told you about them before HERE and I have been super impressed with the melts that I had tried in the Waxbox subs.

I’ve been a little indecisive with what scents to have in the home recently, I think because the weather in the UK has got particularly crazy. One minute sunshine and the next hail. I’d like to get my washing drying outside soon please!

I was sent six scents and each bag has three melts inside. The bags are each £1.50 and the website says that each soy wax melt lasts around 6 hours. I’d say I got a bit more out of them than that, especially mixing a few scents together too.

Here’s what I was sent and my thoughts…

Grapefruit and Mangosteen – Ooh this is a lovely juicy fruit smell. Definitely one of my favourite fruit mixes and also I’ve not seen it anywhere else before so it feels like an exclusive. It reminded me of going to visit my Granny when she’d just made a fruit pie.

Zesty Lime – This was the one I was most looking forward to, on it’s own I found it a little synthetic but I mixed it with the coconut cream (below) and wow I was in a holiday mode!

Pineapple and Coconut – Always reminds me of summer, beaches and drinks in the sunset. Always uplifting this scent could cheer you up in all weathers. Plus, any excuse for a cocktail. 😉

Jasmine – Why do I always associate Jasmine with Christmas? It’s a scent that can be loved all year round. Whilst I’m not too fussed with my floral scents I loved this one in the bedroom. Especially when it was snowing outside and I was wishing for spring!

Coconut Cream – Loved this on its own but as I mentioned above it was great with the lime too. I even mixed one in with the pineapple & coconut to give it a bit more coconut.

Bakewell Tart – Why do I never have any cake type treats in when I decide to melt food scents? This is super yummy and I got through these in a few days. Just be warned, you’ll need ALL the food!

I’ve always been impressed by the quality, price, scent choice and throw of everything from Wax and Wicks.

You can check them out on their website HERE and they are also on Twitter, Facebook and on Instagram too.

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