The Melt Crowd from Flamingo Candles Review – May

Flamingo Candles sent us another Melt Crowd box to try out and review, we’re especially giddy about this month’s box as it celebrates the one year birthday of The Melt Crowd! That year has just flown in, we hope there’s many more years of this fab subscription box to come. We just love Flamingo Candles and can’t get enough of their amazing products. We’re such fan girls!

The Melt Crowd is a monthly wax subscription box from Flamingo Candles. Each box contains eight delicious Scent Melts. The individual fragrances are a surprise – they include a combination of old favourites, current scents, new yet-to-be launched scents and scents exclusive to The Melt Crowd.

So what scents were in the May box?

The Melt Crowd from Flamingo Candles Review – May

Birthday Cake

Sam: This scent was an exclusive bonus fragrance for May, to celebrate the Melt Crowd’s one year birthday and if there’s anything that just screams BIRTHDAY, it’s cake! This was the most delicious cakey cake scent I’ve ever smelled and y’all know me, I LOVE cake/pastry/dessert scents. You can definitely smell vanilla but I can detect subtle hints of cocoa too, maybe some caramel. YUMMY! I want to eat it.

Sarah: May is my birthday month too so it’s such a privilege to share it with the Melt Crowd too. This melt went straight into my warmer, couldn’t resist. It’s just the right amount of cake goodness that you need… Now where are my candles?

You probably already know that May is Vanilla & Lime’s birthday month too, don’t forget to enter our BIG BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY! There’s a prize from Flamingo Candles to be won. May is such a wonderful month.

May CarnivalJuicy apples, sweet strawberries, raspberries and summer blackberries.

Sam: Apples and all the berries, some of my most favourites scent and to have them combined is always a great thing. I loved the tartness of this scent, it’s a really bright and uplifting fragrance.

Sarah: All the fruits! This actually reminded me of jelly beans. A full on fruity smell of juicy jelly sweets.


Sam: Me and bananas just do not go well together, unless you wanna see me reenact scenes from The Exorcist, so sadly I can’t review this one as I haven’t even smelled it. But it’ll be going to a good home at Sarah’s, she LOVES bananas. But no doubt that if you are a banana fan that Flamingo Candles have nailed this scent.

Sarah: As you can see, Sam is not keen on bananas… So this review will all be down to me. This is a really sweet banana scent, think more like the banana sweets you get in a pic n mix. It’s a really fun scent that’s been loved by everyone at home.

Wild Bluebell

Sam: I’m not a fan of floral scents, as I often find them too artificial and they make me sneeze like crazy, but this one is more realistic and funnily enough I find there’s something quite comforting about it. I wouldn’t be able to tell you what bluebells smell like so for me this is a unique floral scent, I can definitely detect some greenery notes in it.

Sarah: Bluebells are SO pretty aren’t they? I’ve been loving having them around the garden, scattered around but every time that I walked past I sneezed. Stupid allergies! So I was a little wary of this scent but I didn’t need to be. I’m definitely trying to be more adventurous with my floral scents and this could be a new favourite scent.

Coconut Lemongrass

Sam: This scent is creamy, zesty, sunny, bright and just delicious. I especially like how one scent doesn’t overpower the other, they’re blended perfectly together to make a delightful aroma. Would LOVE if Flamingo Candles brought this scent out full time.

Sarah: And relax… there’s something so calming about these scents. Mixed together and balanced so well is even better. Definitely would love this in candle form.

Cola Jellies

Sam: Oh this scent! Ohhhhh I LOVE IT!! Jellies are my life, especially cola jellies and this smells exactly like them only more intense and so very very fizzy. I think I may have to start a petition to get Flamingo Candles to make candles in this scent and have them and melts available FOREVER!

Sarah: Nom! It’s such a fun, fizzy and cola (obviously) scent. It’s definitely one for those days when you need a boost or if you’re entertaining. Definitely a favourite.

Clean Cotton

Sam: I’m generally not a fan of clean cotton scents but if you are I can tell you that this is the strongest clean cotton scent I’ve ever set my nose on. I’m going to save it and have it warming in our guest room when we have company over.

Sarah: A scent staple I feel. Always I use these type of scents when I’ve just changed the bedding in my bedroom or got the guest room ready. This melt is strong but not overpowering.

WILD Lemon AlcopopQuite possibly THE invention of the 1990s, Lemon Alcopop is a fruity and fizzy scent, consisting of a mix of lemon, grapefruit and floral notes.

Sam: I’ve bought a candle and some melts in this scent and I just love it, so was happy to have another melt to add to my stash. It brings back so many wild and fun memories. It’s a really fizzy, super lemony fragrance. Perfect if you’re looking for some zest!

Sarah: Sam and I have both been enjoying the frozen cocktail scene recently (and will do so always!). This doesn’t have to remind you of alcohol at all, it’s just… well. You know… 😉

But also it’s zesty and fizzy. Really fun scent and great for summer!

Fresh AloeA watery crisp green aloe highlighted with sparkling fruity melon notes underpinned with a delicate water lily and white jasmine bouquet. Soft white musk and creamy woods add balance to the blend.

Sam: I’ve had aloe scents before, like aloe and cucumber or aloe and melon, they’ve always been quite fresh and spa like scents but I find the waterlily and jasmine in this particular scent make seem just like a floral fragrance. I’m hoping that when it melts it’ll be more fresh.

Sarah: This would be a great scent for the bathroom I thought when I saw its name and then I smelled it and thought “ooh, you could go anywhere!” There’s a bit of everything in this one – fruits, floral and some woody notes too. Definitely another one I’d love in a candle.

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