Raspberry Fool Candle from Alice’s Cottage Review

We all have those moments from our childhood that flood back memories of our youth and the complete fairytale of what life could be about. Nothing for me signals that very memory than the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, looking at his watch before running into his rabbit hole. I was so excited about receiving some products from Alice’s Cottage and I shrieked seeing the rabbit used on their packaging.

Alice in Wonderland has always been a mixture of fun and fairytale for me so I was intrigued to see what scents I would be sent. The first was Raspberry Fool.

“There’s no mistaking the dominant scent of fresh raspberries and cherries in our Raspberry Fool scented candle, intertwined with transparent flora and undertones of creamy musk, your room will be left smelling fruity and floral.”

Really loved this scent as I thought it might be too sweet with the raspberries and cherries but the floral and musk really pulls it into this more floral fruit smell than I’d expected. It’s described as being a sophisticated scent of fresh raspberries which is a totally fair description. The raspberry scents I’ve enjoyed recently have been much more fruity and more on the raspberry lemonade side, this is a more grown up scent. It is more like the scent of being next to a raspberry bush than sniffing a bowl of fresh raspberries.

The tin is £4.50 for 100g and you can see how well it burned down in the above photos. I got over 25 hours out of this tin which is extremely good value for money. Naturally they use soy wax in their products so this is such a clean burn too.

I was super impressed with this candle and I have more to review with Alice’s Cottage soon. I’m so excited to be sharing these reviews as it really does feel like a step back into my childhood. Or down the rabbit hole. 😉

You can read more about Alice’s Cottage HERE. Also check out their website, Facebook and Instagram!

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