Colton Candles NEW Scent Shot Box Review

Colton Candles have released their brand new Scent Shot Boxes and they’re the perfect way to try new melts and save big!

At the start of each month Colton Candles will release a new box containing nine different scents from their five collections plus some new fragrances not available anywhere else!

Each melt comes in a cute plastic tub and lasts up to 15 hours. Their scent shots are dusted with glitter and sparkling fragranced crystals meaning you’ll get an extra burst of scent. Treat yourself or a buy one as a gift, the box comes fully gift wrapped.

Colton Candles kindly sent me one of their first Scent Shot Boxes to try out and review.

Colton Candles Scent Shot Box

The scents I received were…

AmarettoA sensual and intoxicating scent that contains the aroma of juicy ripe cherries and fresh almonds.

This reminds me of cherry bakewell tarts, I want to eat it! It has that deep, dark cherry fragrance blended with sweet almonds. It’s such a decadent scent.

Arabian Nights Arabian Nights has a deep and intoxicating scent that will transport you to another world. It starts with a body of jasmine, mimosa, saffron and berries and ends with a luxurious oud and musk aroma.

This is a really unusual and exotic fragrance, the jasmine, mimosa and berries make it a sweet scent but the musk and oud sorta give it some powdery and masculine elements. It’s light, which is surprising given the various scents it in, but I think if it was stronger it would be overpowering.

BubblegumJust like walking into a sweet shop, our Bubblegum fragrance is bursting with a sweet nostalgic scent that will take you back to childhood and the days of the penny mix!

This is the first scent that I tried from the Scent Shot Box, it smelled too delicious, I couldn’t resist. I’ve had bubblegum wax goodies before and think this may be the strongest one I’ve ever had, it really popped! 😛

Colton Candles Bubblegum Scent Shot

Cherry VanillaThis mouthwatering blend of sweet cherries and lush vanilla cream.

We LOVE cherry scents here at V&L, this one is particularly delicious. It has that juicy, cherry bomb type scent but it’s mellowed out by a rich vanilla element, sorta like vanilla ice cream with cherry sauce all over it. Yum!

Nag ChampaAn intoxicating fragrance combining the sultry tones of the champa flower with patchouli and rich sandalwood. This classic scent is typically used as an Indian incense and is said to aid relaxation.

I imagine this was what Woodstock smelled like, ahhhh to have been there. This reminds me of walking into an incense store, it’s a very soothing scent.

Oud RoyaleRare and hypnotic, a serene oasis in a busy world. Lemon, pink berry and Sicilian bergamot lead to a heart of the precious oil Indian oud. A touch of luxury for your home.

I wasn’t sure what to make of this scent when I first saw it, but actually, surprisingly enough, it’s probably my favourite scent out of the box. It’s a fresh and fruity scent but has some masculine elements to it. I love that Colton Candles describe it as hypnotic, cause I can feel myself getting totally hooked on this scent. I’ve never smelled anything like it before, I really love it.

Sea BreezeCapturing the scent of delicate florals on a sea breeze, this fragrance opens with sparkling citrus notes drenched in an invigorating marine accord which leads to a heart of freesia and water lily.

You all know by now that I’m not a fan of floral scents, but the aquatic saltiness of this scent really tone down the headiness of the floral elements and make it a sort of refreshing fragrance. I think I’ll have this one melting in our bathroom when we have guests over.

Sherbet LemonsWith gorgeous lemon notes, this scent is fresh and uplifting, perfect to melt on a relaxing morning or during an afternoon read.

This is a lovely tart, fizzy lemon scent, with some sweet tones to it. Very refreshing and would be great if you needed some perking up.

Ylang Ylang PatchouliYlang ylang has an exotic and floral scent that is one of the most sought after fragrances around. Patchouli is warm, earthy and spicy. Both are considered by aromatherapists to have aphrodisiac and mood lifting qualities.

We not the biggest fans of patchouli here at V&L, but on a cold smell this scent is definitely more ylang ylang than it is patchouli, which for me is a good thing.  It’s a lovely natural fragrance.

Overall, I’m really happy with the scent selection I got. It was nice to have some scents that I typically wouldn’t go for, really LOVE Oud Royale, can’t recommend it enough. Oh and the cherry scents are just YUM!

Stay tuned for more Colton Candles reviews from us, but until then be sure to show them some love on Facebook, Twitter and on Instagram.

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