WoodWick Beach Boardwalk Candle Review

I know it literally just turned Spring, but I’m so ready to start talking about Summer!

Last November I was in need of some retail therapy so I started browsing the Love Aroma site and ended buying quite a few WoodWick candles for myself.
I’ve only just gotten around to burning the first one, Beach Boardwalk. The scent is described as…

“Saltwater breezes, white sands and vanilla waffle cones baked fresh in a seaside shop.”

WoodWick Beach Boardwalk

This is the ultimate scent of summer! It’s warm and comforting; you can definitely smell the sweet, buttery vanilla waffles. I’m not totally sure what white sands smell like, but I get woody, spicy tones and hints of salt in this fragrance.
I think if you like sweet and salty combinations, or sweeter masculine fragrances then you’ll love Beach Boardwalk.

Woodwick candles are just amazing; they’re made with a high quality soy wax blend which produces a slow, clean burn, seriously these candles seem never ending, with this one I think I got close to 200 hours of burn time! Crazeeeee!

The candles come with wooden tops that also double as heat resistant mats, which is pretty awesome and the stylish jars are reusable and can be easily upcycled.

WoodWick candles are famous for their soothing sound when burning which is like a crackling log fire. With this particular scent I liked to imagine a fire on the beach during the summer. Mmmmm so blissful and calming.

Both Sarah and I are HUGE WoodWick fans and always like to have a few on hand, the crackling sound is totally addictive.

I was in the Love Aroma store in Leeds in Febraury (amazing store by the way and the staff are the sweetest!) and I spent ages smelling all the WoodWick candles, it was a good thing we only brought small suitcases or I’d have bought one of everything. It did allow me to make a list of all the scents I’m gonna buy though, I just can’t get enough of this wonderful brand.

Have you  tried Woodwick candles before? Thoughts? Recommendations? Let us know in a comment below.

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