Potters Crouch Blackberry & Amber Candle from Sarah Lou Ltd.

You’ll know how much we’ve become obsessed with Potters Crouch candles. We’re both excited about their new Spring scents too!

When Sarah Lou Ltd sent us both a box of goodies we were obviously delighted. I couldn’t stop smiling at the scents I was sent. Blackberry & Amber was the one I was most intrigued about. I love my fruit scents but I’ve always loved a bit of Amber in the mandle type scents so this definitely took interest!

“A blend of sweet wild blackberries with warm top notes of amber.”

I loved this scent mix, the fruit blackberry mixed with the amber so well. It’s a real unisex scent and it’s perfect for everywhere in the home. Actually I used this downstairs but could smell it upstairs a bit too. Impressive throw for sure.

One of the extra details that I LOVE about Potters Crouch candles are the embellishment detail on top. The previous two candles that I had they totally melted with the colour of the wax but for this one having white wax, it had sort of purple embellishments which you can see in the photo above. They look so amazing!

I’ve tried to capture another photo so you can see how they haven’t melted away when the candle went down.

It looks WAY prettier than that image believe me! I love the way it sparkles.

These candles last for over 40 hours and the scents are amazing. There’s so many choices too.

Check out Sarah Lou on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and on Pinterest too.

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