Juicy Sweet Cherry Wax Melts from Whicks N Whacks Review

Scent obsessions are big at V&L HQ but especially so in the past month or so. A long standing one for both of us is cherry. These Juicy Sweet Cherry wax melts were sent to me from Whicks N Whacks. You can read all about them HERE and I’ve already reviewed Bee Dylicious too HERE.

I think the heart shapes are really cute and having previously bought from Whicks N Whacks before I love the choice of colours that they put into their products. This juicy sweet cherry is exactly that, it’s a real punch of cherry. It’s not the darkest side of the cherry which I do probably prefer but it’s definitely full of cherry goodness. 

As I had previously bought from Whicks N Whacks (Cherry Amaretto, Butt Naked and Gingerbread) I could do a little mixology. So I added the Cherry Amaretto which was amazing! Totally recommend that scent on its own too but with more cherry, divine.

Then I did a Juicy Sweet Cherry and Gingerbread mix. Literally I was so hungry! So of course had to try it with the Amaretto too. Perfection!

There’s so much choice in their wax melts for all kinds of scents; fruits, bakery, fragrance and more. Great for individual scents and also their mixology too.

Have you ever tried any mixology with Whick N Whacks?

Check out their website and you can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram too!

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