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We’re excited to announce that we’ll be working with Alice’s Cottage to bring you lots of fabulous candle and home fragrance reviews.

Alice’s Cottage is a family run business based in the heart of North Staffordshire. Their products are handmade in their workshop which is situated within the exquisite Fenton Town Hall.

Alice's Cottage CandlesVintage Rose Scented Candle / Hot Cross Buns Scented Candle / Spring Meadow Scented Candle

They make an alluring range of beautiful scented soy candles and a selection of traditionally handmade soaps and cosmetic products.

Alice’s Cottage use the finest soy wax and fragrances and make their candles in small batches, this ensures that every candle they produce is to the highest quality. The soy wax burns for up to twice as long as traditional paraffin wax and because it is made from vegetable oil, it’s much healthier for humans, pets and the environment.

They also make wax melts and reed diffusers, all available in a range of fabulous scents.

Alice's Cottage Reed DiffusersLime, Basil & Mandarin Reed Diffuser / Aloe & White Lilac Reed Diffuser / Sandalwood & Black Pepper Reed Diffuser

Alice's Cottage Wax MeltsMelon Madness Wax Melts / Old English Garden Wax Melts / Bluebell Woods Wax Melts

Stay tuned for some Alice’s Cottage product reviews but until then be sure to show them some love on Facebook and on Instagram.

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