Shining Sol Serendipity Candle Review

I’ve become such a big fan of Shining Sol Candles after reviewing a few of their products (see previous reviews HERE); they use only soy wax and have so many great scents choices, like Serendipity, which is described as a combination of orange and vanilla. YUM!

Myself and Sarah have both mentioned recently that although we like vanilla in general we’re getting kind of bored of it as a fragrance by itself so we’re opting for scents that are vanilla mixed with other fragrances. I’m personally liking vanilla mixed with anything citrussy.

Serendipity is a perfect blend of rich, creamy vanilla and refreshing, sweet orange. The scent throw was crazy good and the fragrance reminded me of like a grown up version of a Creamsicle, perhaps a Creamsicle cocktail.

This candle radiates calm and excitement all in one fragrance.

Shining Sol Serendipity Candle Review

My candle was a wooden wick one but Shining Sol offer their candles in a choice of wood wick or cotton wick. I LOVE wood wick candles and as I’ve mentioned before I think that Shining Sol have really nailed their wicks, I love the soothing, crackling sound. Plus, like seriously look how freakin well they burn?!

If you haven’t tried Shining Sol products before, you’re missing out! Bomb Pop in particular will change your life!

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