New B.A.R.E. Candles from Flamingo Candles

Flamingo Candles are renowned for their fun and original range of handmade, organic candles and just when we thought they couldn’t get any cooler they launch their new B.A.R.E. candles and wax melts!

The new B.A.R.E. range is made with 100% essential oils and natural soy wax and comes in three forms (medium candles (single wick), large candles (triple wick) or scent melts.) and you can choose from three calming, relaxing or invigorating scent choices…

Orange & LemongrassAn aromatic, zesty, citrus fragrance which invigorates the body and mind and creates an uplifting mood.
Orange – A sweet, uplifting fragrance to calm the spirit and create happiness.
Lemongrass – A fresh and lively fragrance which purifies and revitalises.

Ylang Ylang & BergamotA happy pick-me-up citrus and floral spa fragrance with calming and balancing properties.
Ylang Ylang – An exotic, sweet fragrance to release tension and aid relaxation.
Bergamot – A citrus fragrance with a warm spicy undertone. Bergamot is an uplifting oil and great for reducing stress.

Cinnamon & MandarinA rich, warming fragrance with a zesty undertone. Perfect for fighting exhaustion and rejuvenating the mind.
Cinnamon – A sweet spice fragrance with soothing properties.
Mandarin – A citrus fragrance which is uplifting and sensual.

B.A.R.E. Candles from Flamingo Candles 1 B.A.R.E. Candles from Flamingo Candles 2 B.A.R.E. Candles from Flamingo Candles 3

Seriously, the amber coloured apothecary glass jars and funky labels make my inner hippy chick go wild!

This new range of products will inspire and rejuvenate your living space and enhance well-being. Plus did we mention triple wicks? We LOVE candles with multiple wicks, best invention ever.  🙂

Happy shopping!

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