NC Oxford Sir Winston Candle Review

I think I might actually break the internet by writing this review. Because I don’t think anyone will be expecting the words “Sir Winston” and “sexy” to appear in the same text. Neither are you, for another example!

Sam has already reviewed NC Oxford‘s Blackberry Spice Candle, you can read her review HERE.

Sir Winston is described as…

“Capture the essence of one of Britain’s finest leaders. This powerful scent combination of finest Cuban tobacco, Cognac and aged oak will evoke the spirit of Sir Winston Churchill in your home.”

I’m a big mandle fan as you will know and this unisex candle was always going to be winner with me and my home. I don’t care what anyone else says about the smell of tobacco, it’s one of my favourite scents. I don’t mean the smell of cigarettes though, I mean tobacco on its own. I’ve probably still not explained it that well but I can’t be the only one who likes the smell based on how many tobacco type scents are now in candle form.

I think there is something very old fashioned about tobacco, cognac and oak together. My grandparents never smoked (ha, they probably did I just never saw) but I do remember going to people’s houses or pubs when I was younger (visiting their pets or their children, not boozing!) and this was what reminds me of those times. I think we all imagine what our dream man would look like, how about smell? I’m sure mine was all these scents. There’s something so grown up but naughty about it. The link to Sir Winston makes me feel a tad awkward to describe it as sexy but the man is a British icon. Why shouldn’t he have smelt like this?

The candles are super luxurious and for £25 they beat the high end brands for style, quality and value. I found that the wicks gave great light and flame, regular trims are always needed anyway with any candle but even when on one occasion I left it on for longer than normal, the wick didn’t collapse and none of it fell in the wax. Such a relief for me who was annoyed if forgotten! Mine lasted for over 50 hours which is excellent value for the price and the scent has been missed. So I’ll be back to get some more.

NC Oxford have also made some Sir Winston scented candles in black jars which are available to purchase from Blenheim Palace! Seriously, they look amazing in the black jars too. So stylish!

You can find out more about NC Oxford on Facebook, Twitter and on Instagram too. Do check out their new website and if you’re visiting Blenheim Palace too, be sure to check them out there as well.

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