Lilian Jones Citrus Zest Candle Review

I’ve been craving citrus scents a lot lately so I was super happy when Lilian Jones sent me their Citrus Zest candle to try out and review.

The scent is described as…

“The wonderful aroma of orange. This is reminiscent of Mediterranean citrus groves, and will fill your room with refreshing zesty scents, perfect to unwind after a long day.”

Lilian Jones Citrus Zest Candle Review

Within minutes of having my candle lit, as the scent description says, it had filled the room with it’s delightful and zesty fragrance. I even text Sarah then to tell her how amazed I was with it.

I’d personally describe the scent as a very sophisticated orange fragrance; as if every part of the fresh, juicy orange and the orange tree and orange grove were in it. It definitely packed a punch and was a very soothing scent.

All Lilian Jones candles are hand crafted in the Cotswolds using sustainably sourced soy wax or beeswax, which are a better and healthier alternative to paraffin wax. Lilian Jones only use natural dyes and fragrances that are designed to work specifically with natural waxes and are phthalate free.

I was really, really impressed with this candle, the scent throw was crazy good and lasted from the first burn to the last burn. It burned evenly and so clean and didn’t leave any sooty deposits.

I have another candle from Lilian Jones to review but would definitely buy from them in the near future. I’d love to try Vanilla Fudge or Fruit Infusion, they sound so yummy.

Stay tuned for more products reviews from us and Lilian Jones but until then you can find them on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter.

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