Potters Crouch Hawaiian Kona Candle Review from Sarah Lou Ltd.

Whenever I have mountains of work to do my go to fragrance of choice is anything coffee based. I recently had some HUGE projects to work on and I knew that Hawaiian Kona by Potters Crouch from Sarah Lou Ltd. would be just what I needed.

Potters Crouch Hawaiian Kona Candle Review from Sarah Lou Ltd.

The scent is described as “rich smooth Kona coffee beans with sweet macadamia and vanilla cream.”

I thought the macadamia and the vanilla cream elements made it smell sort of like a coffee cake with toffee elements in it and my gosh did it make me hungry. I found myself wanting to go out and buy ALL THE CAKE instead of working. 😛

Each Potters Crouch candle is lovingly handmade with fine fragrances and premium grade ingredients. They’re all handmade, hand–labelled and hand–finished in a 300 year old converted barn nestled in the heart of the English countryside in Hertfordshire.

These candles are just jam packed with fragrance, we’ve become huge Potters Crouch fans. Even when my candle wasn’t burning you could still smell that delicious coffee aroma in our large open plan living area.

These candles can burn for easily 50+ hours; just remember to keep your wicks trimmed to not only keep your candles clean but to get the most burn time out of them.

You can treat yourself to a HUGE range of scents over at Sarah Lou Ltd. and at only £8.50 each these candles are a complete bargain. I know I’ll be treating myself to more in the future.

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