Kiss Air Toffee Apple Candle Review

I’ve been a big lover of Kiss Air Candles for a while now. I’ve placed a few orders before and I totally fell in love with Mulberry Spice and Chocolate Orange over Christmas. Heaven!

They sent me a couple of their food candles, Toffee Apple and Lemon Drizzle (review to follow). Both of us love our foodie scents and these are two of our favourite fruit scents, not only for the food smells but they are calming too. They are good for our zen!

Toffee Apple is described as “the aroma of a granny smith apple smothered with creamy, buttery caramel and dipped in crunchy toffee chips. Delicious!”

It’s exactly that smell. It’s full of juicy fruit mixed with naughty caramel. This will definitely make you hungry! The throw is so strong straight away, even just sniffing the tin is amazing. Yes, I did this. A lot!

I’ve tried their candle tins and their wax melts now and I’d totally recommend both. The tins last for at least 30 hours and the wax melts also have an amazing throw! Their large candle tins are £8.50 and the smaller tins are £5!

I adore their cocktail and ice cream collections. In fact I’m in love with it all. They also have one candle discounted every month, for February it’s Rose Garden.

Check out their website and also stalk their socials too – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Have you tried Kiss Air Candles? What are your favourite scents?

More reviews soon.

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