Frosted Forest by Pintail Candles Review

I got this candle in a previous Waxbox. We both LOVE Pintail Candles and you can see all our previous reviews HERE. This Frosted Forest filled candle tin was absolutely gorgeous, although I’m noticing that it might be discontinued… QUICK BUY THEM ALL!

The scent is described as:

“A festive blend, rich with the warmth of cedar wood and fresh pine, infused with energising hints of tangerine and grapefruit to create a refreshingly crisp fragrance evocative of a walk through a winter woodland”.

I really loved this mix of scents as I’ve been on a real sweet kick the last few months and I tend to mix a couple of scents but this one was mixed for you! I’m not a great pine fan on it’s own, it tends to make me sneeze if it’s too overpowering so the fruit really punched through that.

Although it is still delicate but powerful.  This scent would be great all year round but it would be fantastic in the summer. The throw is good so it would do well in most rooms, although the fresh and uplifting scent would be excellent in your bathroom.

I really love the paint pot tin lids and the candles advertise a 14 hour burn time but you’ll get more out of these by trimming the wick after each burn. The wax pool is pretty impressive and I think really helps to carry the scent further.

Pintail Candles have loads of scents in these filled candle tins and I’m adding Log Fire, Peppered Pomegranate and Raspberry & Papaya  to my immediate wishlist!

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