Potters Crouch Raspberry Sorbet Candle from Sarah Lou Ltd

As you know, Sam and I were sent some Potters Crouch candles to review and we’ve really loved trying them out.

Despite the last couple of months being more festive scented I do enjoy using other scents too (I’m also know for burning festive scents in the summer too, reflects my mood rather than the season). So this Raspberry Sorbet candle that I was sent by Sarah Lou Ltd was perfect!

I’m a big raspberry lover and was intrigued to see that on the scent description there was also pomegranate in it too. The scent is gorgeous, it’s not too rich but smells EXACTLY like when you’re about to taste the raspberry sorbet scoop on your spoon. The pomegranate gives this a deeper tone of scent which I liked because raspberry can be a little sweet at times. 

I really love the coloured wax, the coloured tins and the embellished detail on the tops. The candles themselves did burn down beautifully and the scent lasted well too. The bits in the wax above are not from the wick but from the embellished top! I used this mainly in the bathroom, mainly because other festive candles were used elsewhere in the house at the time but it really suited being in there. Very uplifting for the mornings when it’s been so dark and stormy here. 🙁

These are £8.50 each and as you can see the wax is full right to the top, I was a little concerned at first that there might be some over-spill once lit but nope!

There’s more reviews to come from our Potters Crouch goodies but for now you can check them out on Sarah Lou Ltd and she is also on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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