Shining Sol County Fair Candle Review

I was so lucky to be sent a bunch of amazing products from our friends at Shining Sol Candle Company to review. I opted to try out a County Fair Medium Jar Candle first.

Shining Sol County Fair Candle 1

County Fair is described as “the undeniable scent of caramel popcorn. Reminiscent of fall festivals, pumpkin patches and fairs across the USA.”

To me the scent was a delightful salty and sweet mix of fresh-popped popcorn, buttery caramel and I found it had nutty elements almost like candied pecans and some maple tones in it too. It was a very smooth and delicious fragrance, made me super hungry too! 😛

Y’all know how much we LOVE candles with wooden wicks here at V&L so I was super excited to try out another. Wood wicks crackle like wood in a fireplace and they provide an incredibly relaxing vibe.  Sometimes I think they sound like rain hitting off the window. Such a blissful sound.
Even though there are several wood wick candles and even more soy candles on the market today, the combination of soy and wood wick is rare due to complications that arise from being able to achieve a perfect burn pool when the two are combined. After deciding to use wood wicks in their candles, Shining Sol called on Phil Niemerg of Candle Art to develop the perfect wick. After months of research and development the team discovered the right formula. They really nailed it! Just look how flawlessly and smoke free my candle burned. I barely needed to trim the wick at all.

Shining Sol County Fair Candle 2

I found that the combination of soy and the wood wick made for a very long lasting candle, after days and days I was beginning to think this was a never ending candle. Not that I was complaining.

I was so impressed with everything about my first Shining Sol candle, especially the super strong scent throw, it just filled our home with a delicious aroma.

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