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Shining Sol Candle Company was founded in 2012 out of a desire to create something new and different in the timeless art of candle making. Company founder Pete Evick soon found that, within the candle world, he could be part of helping stimulate the American economy. Furthermore, he could contribute to the American farming industry by using soy wax as opposed to the more common paraffin wax. While that alone was enough to justify the switch to soy, learning that soy wax is also clean burning and non-toxic was just as important a reason to utilize soy.

Shining Sol Candles

Next came the choice to use a wood wick instead of the traditional cotton wick. The wood wick crackles like wood in a fireplace (or campfire) and provides an incredibly relaxing vibe. While there are several wood wick candles and even more soy candles on the market today, the combination of soy and wood wick is rare due to complications that arise from being able to achieve a perfect burn pool when the two are combined. Evick was up to the challenge and called on Phil Niemerg of Candle Art to develop the perfect wick. After months of research and development the team discovered the right formula and Shining Sol was born.

Instantly, Evick enlisted Sara Rodriguez as a business partner. Sara brings a vast body of candle making knowledge and experience. Together, they quickly created a buzz in their home state of Virginia and rocked the boat in the online candle community.

Next, Evick brought life-long friend and world-class graphic designer Keith Sarna on board to give life to the vision. Keith developed the look and feel of the brand materials, and we think he did an outstanding job. The design is ever so unique.

It didn’t take long before they needed more help finding business partners and fulfilling demand. The team brought expert business woman and former gift shop owner Chris Finnie on board as Head of Sales. In just under 2 years Shining Sol has a retail presence in several markets in the United States and Canada and has sold products in all fifty states and five countries.

Shining Sol Candles Classic Scents

The passion for candle-making grows every day with Shining Sol. The desire to continue making the best candles in the world is their only priority. Their production team continues to innovate design and improve the candle-making process, and their creative team works nonstop to come up with new exciting scents and colors, all along remaining a hand-made product of the USA.

We’re so excited to be working with Shining Sol Candle Company and can’t wait to bring you lots of product features and reviews.

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