Mi-Shortbread Candle from Mi-Candle Review

When Mi-Candle sent me this Mi-Shortbread candle I couldn’t help but take the lid off straight away and have a sniff. Oh my it’s so yummy! I’m a big fan of food scents and this smells so good that you’ll need something baked to get over the food craving that you will now be in!

Other than the yummy smell I noticed that the top of the candle had glitter and little wax squares on the top for decoration. The wood wick was a lovely addition to this tinned candle. Both of us are big wood wick fans so I was intrigued to try out another. 

The candle burnt down really well and the soy wax really helped to push out the yummy baked scent. The wood wick was superb, sometimes they can be too loud. This was quieter, I still could hear it but it wasn’t overtaking the room like others can. Also the wick when burnt through didn’t crumble into the wax, it was easy when the candle had cooled to simply snap off the excess.

I really loved this candle and they’ve got a great range of other scents too which I’ll be back next year to buy. Really do love the wood wick addition.

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