Merry Christmas To Me!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I have to say that this year was just amazing for me and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have spent it with the people I love the most.

I was well and truly spoilt and I wanted to share just the bath & body and beauty gifts that I got this year with you. I’m not in any way bragging and I understand that some people aren’t as lucky, but I thought this would be fun given the type of blog we have and I’d also love to know what everyone else got so please leave a link or comment below. We’re fierce nosey here. 😛

Soap & Glory Christmas Gifts

In case you didn’t know already I freakin LOVE Soap & Glory! My man got me three gift sets Soaper Star, Glam-O-Flage, Zest A Girl and Sugar Crush Fragrance Mist. Sugar Crush is my new favourite Soap & Glory scent so I was really happy at my guy’s wise choices and I’m only recently getting into Soap & Glory’s makeup range so I was super happy about the Glamo-O-Flage set, I can’t wait to try everything out. My best friend Mags got me the Soaprise set and I’m looking forward to trying out some new shower gel scents. I wonder if the crackers make that fun popping noise when you pull them??

Vera Wang Hippie Princess

“From bright colors to bohemian-inspired prints, Hippie Princess is the newest fragrance in Vera Wang’s iconic Princess line. This princess has rings on her fingers and flowers in her hair. She is brave, happy and destined for greatness. exotic fruity floral. Hippie Princess effortlessly shines with a captivating palette of exotic fruits and gentle florals.

The fragrance opens with a playful indulgence of Red Mango and floral White Freesia, which balance out the juicy notes of Apricot Nectar and smooth Lotus Flower at the heart. Soft Blonde Woods, sheer Pink Musk, and indulgent Vanilla warm the fragrance as it dries down on the skin. Additional notes include apple blossom and jasmine.”

My guy treated me to some Vera Wang Hippie Princess perfume. I’m obsessed with Vera Wang fragrances and this was such a wonderful surprise. I’ve worn Vera Wang Princess for many many years and I would say it’s my signature scent, but I really feel like Hippie Princess was just made for me. First of all the packaging just screams Sam! It’s pink and turquoise which are my all time favourite colours and the crown lid has little turquoise stones in it which just makes it’s extra fabulous. And if there were two things I could be, they would be a hippie and a princess. 😉

Christmas Gifts

My parents in law got me a set of fabulous Revlon makeup cases/toiletries bags and an Ari by Ariana Grande fragrance gift set. A while back I was shopping with my mother in law and I saw the Ari perfume and had seen people raving about it online, so I tested it out and was immediately obsessed.

Now really all I know about Ariana Grande is that she is a singer, I wouldn’t be able to pick her out in a line-up or sing any of her songs, but man oh man she makes nice perfume! It’s sweet like cotton candy and marshmallows, has light powdery notes and just oozes femininity. It’s a perfect Sam fragrance. This was such a nice surprise and I can’t believe she remembered how much I loved it.

Bombay Hair 5 in 1 Curler

Early in the year I had ever so subtly hinted to my guy about desperately needing a Bombay Hair 5 in 1 Hair Curler and bless his memory because he remembered it and I was so surprised on Christmas morning.

I have naturally curly hair but prefer using curling wands on it after I dry it, I find it makes my hair less frizzy and I can get longer out of the style. I can’t wait to use this and do some cool stuff with my hair.

What bath & body and beauty products did you get this Christmas? Let us know in a comment below.

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