Frosted Cranberry Kringle Candle Review

We both love Kringle Candles, I’m sure you’ve noticed that by now. Sam recently reviewed the Hot Chocolate Kringle candle and you can read that review HERE. I was sent the Frosted Cranberry Kringle Candle from Love Aroma to review.

This candle is described as…

A festive treat that is crisp and tart with a sweet surprise. The candle has top notes of Red Apple, Mulberry and Winter Cranberry.

I’ve recently found a new love for mulberry, not sure I’ve properly smelt it before. With this and two other candles I have definitely become a mulberry fan. The mulberry in this Kringle Candle sits beautifully with the Red Apple and Winter Cranberry. So yummy!

It’s a beautiful fruity festive scent which is a great alternative to those who are not keen on the spice scents available this time of year.

The wax pool on this candle was so pretty, the clean white wax looks so pretty anyway but when it pools it shows off the colour even more. I probably did notice this more as it’s been so dark recently, all day! Lovely to have this for added light. 😉

Thanks to Love Aroma for this fruity and festive candle. Be sure to check them out on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and on Twitter.

2 thoughts on “Frosted Cranberry Kringle Candle Review

  1. How was the strength &/ or throw of the fragrance? I’ve burnt only one candle from Kringle, & while it was definitely beautiful, I was disappointed w/ how incredibly light both the strength & the throw of the scent were, almost to the point of being nonexistent. On cold the scent was beautiful. I’m hoping I just had a one-off dud but am more than hesitant to try more w/out doing a lot if research….thus my inquiry:). Thanks in advance for any thoughts/ info you’re able to add!

    1. You’ve definitely had a dud unfortunately. We’ve both been really impressed with Kringle candles but maybe try their melts and see if they are better for you. Plus less expense – but we’ve both never had a problem with anything from Kringle. What scent was it? (Totally curious!)

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