Smoulder Wolf Leather Candle Review

I’ve already raved about Smoulder Wolf before, HERE, but you’ll have to put up with me doing the same again.

Smoulder Wolf Leather Candle Review

Smoulder Wolf sent me their Leather candle to review and I’ll admit I’ve never smelt anything like this in candle form before so this was a very different experience.
With their other candle being the Bourbon one I’ve already reviewed I think it seems poignant that my having the bourbon and leather burning together reminds me of a bar I used to go in when I had left university. I wanted to know what I was supposed to be doing in “life” and drinking bourbon seemed like a good place to start. The place had those bar booths but they had real leather sofas too, the smell totally filled the room. Obviously there was tobacco smells too, before the times of having to smoke outside… I feel old!

Leather is such a distinctive scent and admittedly it’s not a smell that we come across in every day life anymore. Faux leather is used more and even now when you buy a new leather jacket it still doesn’t seem to smell the same – is that just me?

Smoulder Wolf Leather Candle

Smoulder Wolf candles are described as MANLY candles and I’m so jealous, I mean sure they say that they are for men and women but there’s something almost naughty about buying something not meant for you. Like a Yorkie bar… not for girls! I still ate them and ner ner’d at any male near me seeing me eat one. So buying these would feel naughty. I like that!

The throw is almost immediate and they soon create a lovely wax pool which makes the scent fill the room more. I love everything about them and this love affair continues. 😉

They have a special offer on for both the Bourbon and the Leather candle for £12 off! Amazing, they’d be great for Christmas gifts!

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Stay tuned for more reviews from us.

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