Serenity Glow Satin Wax Melts Review

You all know how much I love my food scents, especially the sweet/cake/dessert type scents but I’ve been finding lately that they’re not so great in the bedroom especially if you’re trying to go to sleep. I sometimes find myself awake for hours craving the food that the wax melts I have melting were inspired by.

Lavender and other floral type scents are always recommended for helping aid sleep but I’m so sensitive to those fragrances that they’re always a no go for me. But I think I may have found one of the most perfect bedroom scents ever…

Serenity Glow Satin Wax Melts Review

When I received Satin scented soy wax melts from Serenity Glow, I was very intrigued, what exactly does satin smell like?
Serenity Glow describe the scent as “the classic scent of sweet vanilla” but I think there’s some more too it than that.

I definitely detected hints of amber and musk which became more prominent when melted and the vanilla fragrance reminded me of creamy white chocolate.

I loved the sweetness of Satin and I found the amber and musk elements made it a really calming scent and overall the combination made it a very romantic fragrance; therefore making it the perfect bedroom scent, well for me anyway.
You should totally treat yourself to some and let me know what you think, it’s a very luxurious and fabulous scent.

I get about three nights out of one cube in my warmer which is great and I’ve been using this scent in our bedroom quite a bit since I got it, I really like it, it’s definitely one of my top scents this year.

Have you tried any products from Serenity Glow? Do you have any scent recommendations? Let us know in a comment below.

Stay tuned for more reviews from this great brand but until then check out Serenity Glow on Facebook and Instagram.

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