Potters Crouch Tropical Punch Candle Review from Sarah Lou Ltd.

Myself and Sarah had been eyeing up Potters Crouch candles for the longest time, I don’t know why we torture ourselves sometimes, but anyway we were over the moon when Sarah Lou Ltd. sent us lots of amazing scents to try out and review.

Each Potters Crouch candle is lovingly handmade with fine fragrances and premium grade ingredients. They’re all handmade, hand–labelled and hand–finished in a 300 year old converted barn nestled in the heart of the English countryside in Hertfordshire.

For my first Potters Crouch candle I decided to try out Tropical Punch.
With the cold, grey weather here in Ireland I’d been wanting to pretend I was on a tropical island somewhere far away and this candle definitely helped with that.

Potters Crouch Tropical Punch Candle

The scent is described as a mouth-watering citrus blend of pineapple, orange, guava, carambola and ginger. Y’all know I LOVE my fruity and tropical scents, well one of my other favourite scents is ginger, so having a candle with those scents combined made me a very happy bunny.

I found the scent to be a very sophisticated tropical scent. The mouth-watering notes of sweet pineapple, tart orange mixed with juicy guava and carambola with a hint of the warm and spicy aroma of ginger, make this scent so pleasant and unique.

The scent throw was incredible from this candle, seriously we’re talking like instant and crazy strong fragrance that will fill your entire home. To say I was super impressed would be an understatement.

One thing that I was amazed by is how jam packed the candle tins are with wax, like Potters Crouch Tropical Punch Candle Review from Sarah Lou Ltd.right to the brim, it’s not something you see very often and it was pretty cool. I also love the embellishments on the top of the candles, I think it adds such a touch of luxury to them.

The candles burn for about 50 hours; remember to keep your wicks trimmed to keep your candles clean and get to the most burn time out of them.

You can treat yourself to a HUGE range of scents over at Sarah Lou Ltd. and at only £8.50 each these candles are a complete bargain. I know I’ll be treating myself to more in the future.

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Stay tuned for more products features and reviews from us.

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