Mi-Candle are passionate about candles… Mi-Candle is your candle to enjoy!

We’re so excited to be working with Mi-Candle to bring you product features and reviews.
They have so many amazing and unique scents to choose from, oh and lots of foody ones that myself and Sarah have just been drooling over. Plus we LOVE that they use wood wicks. That crackling sound is so soothing.

Mi-Candle use the finest soy wax when making their wonderful candles.
With soy wax, Mi-Candles will have a significantly cleaner burn over candles made with traditional waxes, this also means their candles burn slower, last up to 50% longer and have an excellent scent throw.
Soy wax is an eco-friendly premium natural wax which means you can enjoy your Mi-Candle more knowing it is environmentally friendly.


Don’t they just look so fab?!

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