Coley & Gill Peach and Mandarin Reed Diffuser Review

I have to confess I do like a bargain. I find that my Poundland store has always got some Coley & Gill stuff in and even though everything is obviously a pound I still get pretty picky!

I could smell the scent of Peach & Mandarin as soon as I picked the box up and so straight away it went into my basket.

I’ll admit I was slightly wary about buying from Coley & Gill’s range because… and this is odd… we’ve been sent a lot of complaints aimed at us thinking that we own the company! We don’t. Nope. Not us. No. Candle reviewers not candle makers…

Maybe one day we will be. But no, got it?

Ok, I digress from my point.

Out of the two of us I’d say that I’m more the reed diffuser fan than what Sam is. I’ve been lucky to be sent some amazing ones to try too. I also have picked up a few bargain ones too on my shopping trips. This peach and mandarin one is bloomin’ lovely! I absolutely loved the scent and I’m hoping to pick it up in candle/room spray soon. There’s more peach in it than mandarin but they both blend together well.

This didn’t last as long as many higher end diffusers but I got a good four months used in our bathroom. That for me is good as I like to have a change around and don’t forget it was only a pound!

So if you like fruity scents, especially peach based ones you will love this.

I’m going to pick up another (I hope) around spring time next year. Perfect timing!

Have you tried anything from Coley & Gill? What do you recommend?

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