Zax Beeswax Hillbilly Home Brew Mason Jar Candle Review

We’ve reviewed a good few candles from Zax Beeswax here on V&L and with every one we’ve become bigger fans of this great brand.

Using the finest US sourced pure and natural beeswax, Zax Beeswax provides a variety of candles, soaps, and more for your home. Handmade for quality, their beeswax candles and other products are an excellent, all-natural alternative that use sustainable ingredients and are packaged in recycled materials.
Zax wax is triple filtered, inspected for quality, and hand poured and finished into a final product.
You can choose from a selection of mason jar candles, votives, tea lights, pillar candles, and more. They also feature handmade soaps using quality beeswax purchased only from family and individually owned apiaries in the United States.

If you’re a long time reader you’ll know that I love my spicy scents like cinnamon and that I’m obsessed with anything apple scented, so Zach chose very wisely when he sent me a Hillbilly Homebrew scented candle to review.

As much as I loved my other candles from Zax Beeswax (see reviews HERE and HERE), I think this one was my favourite.

The scent is described as a perfect blend of mulled cider with woodsy notes of oak, cinnamon bark and cloves, with hints of wild berries. I found it to be a very mature scent and almost sort of masculine, which I just adored. The oak and spices make it a perfect Autumn/Winter scent, so comforting and cozy and the berries and cider elements really make the overall fragrance pop, they add some tartiness to it.

Zax Beeswax Hillbilly Home Brew Mason Jar Candle Review

If you wanna know about how it burned, just look at that clean smoke free jar and that stunning melt pool! Could it be any prettier?! One of a true candle lover’s greatest joys is a melt pool just like that. 😀

If you haven’t tried any of Zax Beeswax Candles before you really should, especially if you prefer natural wax blends when it comes to candles. Zax have a member loyalty discount which is 5% off all products and it can be added on top of any promotions in effect already! Use coupon code LOYALTY on and in the Zax Beeswax Etsy store. Go on treat yourself. 😉

Stay tuned for more reviews from this amazing brand but until then you can find Zax Beeswax on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter @zaxbeeswax.

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