Zax Beeswax Hansel & Gretel Mason Jar Candle Review

Zax Beeswax Hansel & Gretel Mason Jar Candle Review

When you think of Hansel and Gretel you think of all things sugary and sweet and that’s exactly what this delicious candle’s aroma is…

Imagine a gingerbread house wrapped in sweet sugary vanilla, teaming with spicy cinnamon and clove, decorated with hints of milky coconut and maple.

Mmmmm, some of my most favourite things!

The gingerbread in this candle was definitely the strongest element but all the other aromas kept sporadically popping through, almost individually.  I had it burning over a good few days and I just kept saying to myself things like, “oh I smell vanilla / ooh there’s some cinnamon / oh wow coconut!”

Each element mixed so well with the gingerbread and overall, it was a lovely warming, spicy and comforting fragrance, perfect for the colder months.

Zax Beeswax Candles are made with a blend of beeswax (over 75%) and sustainable harvested all natural coconut oil; I love coconut oil in general and use it for almost everything and I’m now a huge lover of beeswax. As I said before I think because it’s a harder natural wax it can hold heaps more fragrance than the softer soy waxes and this shows in Zax Beeswax candles. They really pack a punch!

Stay tuned for more reviews from this amazing brand but until then you can find Zax Beeswax on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter @zaxbeeswax.

Be sure to check out Zax fab range of Fall scents too, HERE, he has some delicious fragrances like Caramel Apple and Pumpkin Spice…YUM!

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