Soy Vella Lemon Sugar Raspberry Candle Review

Soy Vella candles are made using 100% natural soy wax and the purest and finest fragrances on the market. As well as a Boysonberry scented candle (you can see my review HERE) I was sent a Lemon Sugar Raspberry candle from Soy Vella to review.

Soy Vella Lemon Sugar Raspberry Candle Review

Soy Vella describe the scent as…

Sweet citrus and fruity blend, with hints of sweet orange, fresh mango, white jasmine and just a touch of vanilla.

Ok first of all can we just talk about how much of a Sam scent this is?!

I think this may be one of my favourite scents this year, it has a very happy and uplifting fragrance. I’m finding lately that a lot of lemon scented candles and wax products smell quite artificial but the lemon in this one reminded of freshly squeezed lemons.

The whole scent combination was like a grown ups raspberry lemonade (one loaded with booze! 😛  ) It has the tart lemon aroma with real true-to-life raspberry elements for sweetness and subtle hints of vanilla.
The vanilla made me think of Pink Pigeon Rum, if you’ve never had it then you’re missing out.

I couldn’t really detect the mango in it but I think it’s in it to add to the sweetness and I couldn’t get the jasmine but that’s more than ok with me as I’m not really a fan of jasmine.
I loved that this was just a really lovely and fresh fruity fragrance.

The scent throw from Soy Vella Candles is quite good, the ladies have really mastered their craft. I love that their motto is “if we wouldn’t buy our product then we wouldn’t sell it” and that really shows in their candles; it shows in everything from how clean and evenly they burn to the simple yet eye-catching labels and packaging.

I just loved this one and I’m so impressed with the brand.

Stay tuned for more reviews from us and be sure to  check out Soy Vella on Facebook and on Instagram too.

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