Smoulder Wolf Bourbon Candle Review

We’ve already told you how awesome Smoulder Wolf are and I was lucky enough to be sent this Bourbon candle to review.

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Let’s get down to a little background on the bourbon front. Sam and I first started our friendship with conversations about candles… what a surprise!?! Another topic was bourbon. We LOVE BOURBON! We’ve found that there’s a good few bourbon based mandles out there but they tend to be mixed with something else and often that takes away from the bourbon aroma.
Smoulder Wolf just concentrate on the bourbon.

The scent is full on bourbon, as you’d expect; it’s rich, dark and full. There’s nothing to take away from that bourbon smell and I love that. The woody element of the bourbon really helps bring that fruity side right into your nose. The spicy undertones are there too which I loved because bourbon isn’t just a drink, it’s an experience. It’s well crafted, just like these mandles.

Smoulder Wolf Bourbon Candle Review 3

It might surprise you to know the price of these candles…They have a good even burn, the scent is almost released immediately once lit and look at that photo to see how clean that natural soy wax stayed. No wick bits! They are priced at only £20 which I think for their style, scent and quality is amazing!

The packaging is sophisticated, the slogan is awesome and they have full on British style. I’ll be picking up a couple for gifts and possibly a couple more for me too!

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Stay tuned for more reviews!

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