Serenity Glow Luxury Candle Company

Serenity Glow was created by the wonderful Christine who wanted to bring a little peace and serenity into homes, offices and personal spaces. Oh gosh, don’t we all need some peace and serenity!

Candles are used by almost all religions, cultures and individuals. They’re symbols of celebration, calming and even spirituality. Christine says that people underestimate the power of a candle, and we couldn’t agree with her more, they shouldn’t though. Candles just like the beautiful Serenity Glow Candles can assist in balancing and maintaining a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Serenity Glow Candles

Serenity Candles are all natural and organic, they are made with 100% kosher soy wax and infused with raw ingredients and scented with with essential oils and fine fragrances. The candles are made with a propriety blend of…

Kosher Soy Flakes from Soy Bean Oil
Avocado Oil
Coconut Oil
Shea Butter
Cocoa Butter
Vitamin E
Jojoba Oil
Grapeseed Oil
Mango Butter
Sweet Almond Oil
100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils
Skin Safe Fragrance Oils

We’re so impressed with that great list of epic ingredients, I am a huge fan of coconut and avocado oils. These all make for the perfect candle that can be used as an air freshening candle, a body oil when melted, a massage oil when melted or even as a body balm straight out of the jar.
All and any colourants used in Serenity Glow Candles are 100% skin safe as well, which is just fabulous!

We’re so excited to announce that we’ll be working with Serenity Glow Candles to bring you lots of product reviews and features. Christine has converted me on a few scents as well and I can’t wait to share my experiences with you.
Stay tuned for those.

Until then be sure to check out Serenity Glow on Facebook and Instagram and you can find us on Instagram, HERE, too, where we share heaps of pics of our hauls, stashes and so much more.

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