Candywick Love Bite Mini Melts Review 

Candywick Love Bite Mini Melts Review 1

Theses Love Bite Mini Melts came in my August Waxbox. I had already been sent some goodies to review from Candywick when these turned up too, it was amazing timing!

I was thoroughly impressed by the maxi melts that I had reviewed but these mini melts made me fall for Candywick even more.

It made sense that these were called ‘Love Bite’…

Love Bite is a wonderful blend of Orange & Lime with an amazing kick of juicy cherries & Berries.
Accompanied with a subtle hint of Vanilla, this fragrance is almost bursting with effervescence. Simply wonderful.

Everything I love in a scent! I was in love and I love the fact that you can choose how many hearts (mini melts) to use; 3-4 was enough but sometimes I used 7-8 for a much more intense scent. The bag lasted me for ages and I still have at least one more load to go. I don’t want to use them all up!

Candywick Love Bite Mini Melts Review 2

I’m going to be doing a new order soon, I know Sam is plotting one too. Of course. 😉

Their Autumn range is out and there is a Christmas range to follow soon too. We’re both super excited as the quality of product and scent choices are truly amazing. I absolutely adored Love Bite, it sure packed a fruity punch but was great to unwind with after a stressful day. Also their packaging is so cute!

You can read more about Candywick HERE. My previous Candywick maxi melts review is HERE. Plus e sure to check them out on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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Stay wick’d for more reviews. 😛

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