Waxbox – September

You will know how much I love Waxbox now. For years we have wanted a candle subscription box just like this one.

I was recently saying to Sam how I was hoping for more autumnal scents this time around and look what Waxbox sent…

The little enclosed note said that the theme was more autumnal but there was some fruit added in case the summer returned. Apparently we’re due a heatwave now? Bizarre weather in the UK at the moment.

So anyway the wax!

Pomegranate wax melts from Wild Olive – These smell so good! They were overpowering the rest of the box when I opened it but not in a bad way. Can’t wait to burn these. I had a look through their website and it’s a bit dangerous… lots of bath melts and more candles!

Frosted Forest from Pintail Candles – We are both fans of Pintail already so this was a lovely addition.

Raisin Bread from Secret Scents – This smells so good, I took the business card out of the pack and stuffed my nose into sniff. I now want to bake (but mostly eat!).

Angels Whisper from Aromaflow Candles – This is going to be perfect for the bathroom.

Baked Apple from Heart & Home – Another brand that we both love but a scent we haven’t come across and I’m pretty sure I’ll be telling Sam to get this one (we all know she loves her apple scents). I’m pretty sure if I love this, this will be a staple from now through to and beyond Christmas.

Absolutely love his selection of scents. Sign up to Waxbox for monthly candle/wax goodies. We can’t recommend it enough.

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