Ruslana Candles Sugar Wafers Wax Melt Review

It’s been a long couple of weeks, myself and Sarah both ended up with the flu. I hate being sick, because apparently if you don’t relax and take care of yourself you’ll never get better and I’m the type of person who loves to work and keep busy so I got super bored very easily. The worst thing was my sense of smell was really messed up and I didn’t like having any candles burning or melts melting. Crazy eh?!

There was one day, when we were going to have company and I love having something burning or melting in our hall when we have guests, I just think it’s nice and gives a lovely welcoming feel. As my sense of smell was really off I asked himself to grab a wax melt from my large stash and to put it in the burner in the hall, I wasn’t too fussed about what he chose.

Not long later I was in the living room and I was like “what is that fabulous smell?!” There was something that I liked, hallelujah!

The wonderful, delicious aroma was from a Sugar Wafers wax melt from Ruslana Sugar Wafers Wax Melt by Ruslana CandlesCandles.

“Evoking those childhood memories with the sweet confection of vanilla wafers. Top notes of sugarcane and coconut cream with toasted marshmallow, vanilla, tonka bean, malt and a hint of sandalwood and cedarwood.”

I’ve had sugar wafer and like sugar cone scents before but I found this one to be a bit more grown up, not as sweet as you might assume. I think the malt, sandalwood and cedarwood tone down the sweetness and make it almost a masculine type scent.

Just delicious.

The thing I love most about the wax melts from Ruslana Candles is that the scent is still so strong even when they’re not melting and they’re very long lasting as well. I’m quite impressed with them.

Have you tried any products from Ruslana Candles yet? Let us know your thoughts and if you have any scent recommendations.

Be sure to check out Ruslana Candles on Facebook, HERE and on Instagram, HERE and stay tuned for more product features from this fabulous brand.

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