Rosie Mai’s Wax Melts Review – Part 2

Rosie Mai’s Wax Melts is a deliciously scented wax melts company in Durham ran by the super sweet Elaine and Katie. They use the finest soy wax, blended with fabulous fragrances! They also stock a range of gifts and accessories too.

I was scent a huge bag of wax melts to try out (you can read the first part of my review HERE) and I’ve been trying and testing a few more of the scents and I have to say, I think these next ones might be my favourite…

Cola – This scent reminded me of sour cola bottle sweets, it was just so fantastic and fizzy! Perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth and very uplifting too. Such a fun scent.

Fig & Brown Sugar – This was such cozy and warm scent, I loved the combination of ripe fig and caramelized brown sugar and I found it had hints of soft, velvety musk and creamy coconut. Such an enticing fragrance.

Marzipan – Oh I wanted to eat this! Smells sort of like almond cookies, buttery, warm and very sweet.

Delicious – This is meant to be like a DKNY Perfume, I can’t be too sure as I’ve never smelled any of them but I can tell you that it is very fruity and vibrant, sort of like a mature apple scent.

It’s very uplifting and I can detect hints of amber and citrus in it, which make it just lovely. We’re big amber fans here at V&L, especially when they’re mixed with other great scents.

Black Cherry Explosion – Mmmmm cherry! This was an amazing cherry scent and I was sad to see it go. I loved the neon pink colour of the wax and how it wasn’t too sicky sweet like a lot of cherry scents are, it had quite a bit of zing to it!

Rosie Mai’s Wax Melts Review – Part 2

I’m very impressed with Rosie Mai’s wax melts, they’re super long lasting and very well made. You can just tell how much time, thought and effort the girls put in making them, it really shows.

Check out Rosie-Mai’s Wax Melts for lots of wax goodies and accessories, if you can’t decide what to get, I’d highly recommend the Mixed Bag of 10 Melts, I swear it’s like a candy pick and mix bag full of treats and lots of surprises!

Be sure to check out Rosie-Mai’s Wax Melts on Facebook, HERE and on Twitter @RosieMaisMelts and stay tuned for more product features and reviews from us.

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