Primark Lime Light Soda Candle Review 

Much like the M&S Cotton Candy Grapes being a must have for bloggers everywhere, you must have seen this Lime Light Soda Candle online a lot recently…

I had banned myself from buying candles from Primark after a number of bad candles, but I always look and sniff and there was no way I couldn’t get this candle! It smelled so good.

There was obviously lime but it was zingy, very much like soda fizz. For £3 I thought it was worth the risk and guess what… no tunneling and the smell continued to get more and MORE intense the further down the candle burned.

I have noticed that there is a smaller jar version now too, I’m hoping to pick some of those up for stocking fillers.  I’ve also seen a couple of instagrams with the Orange Sunshine candle; they didn’t have that when I went in but I’ll be sure to pick one of those up if I see it.

As you can see the jar was impressively clean after its use. It does smell incredible in the jar still. I’m going to clean it out put sweets in it… yes, sweets!

If you’re in Primark and see this Lime Light Soda or the Orange Sunshine Soda candles, be sure to pick them up and let us know what you think. 🙂

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