Noopy’s Soap & Candle Company Wax Melt Haul

I discovered Noopy’s Soap & Candle Company on Etsy a good while ago and I was super impressed with their huge list of scent choices. I did a bit of snooping online for reviews and feedback and even though I couldn’t find much, all of their Etsy reviews were around 5 stars and there was thousands of them.

I thought I’d treat myself to some new melts, and I was super excited about these ones as they’re soy wax, triple scented and majority of the fragrances are phthalate free.

So what did I buy?

Noopy's Wax Melt Haul

Almond MacaroonRich buttery top notes balance with crushed almond to create this luscious decadent fragrance. A hint of spice adds warm texture which leads to the sweet vanilla base.

I found this to be the mildest (on a cold smell) of the all the scents I bought, but that’s not a bad thing. It’s a mild and comforting scent, that would be perfect for some mixology, which I love doing.

Bahama MamaFresh coconut mixed with oranges, nectarines, mangoes and lemon and lime, then blended with pineapple to give this tropical fruit blend that extra pizzazz.

You might think that together, mangoes, nectarines and pineapple would be very sweet but when they’re combined with great citrus scents like oranges, lemon and lime it makes for a lovely bright and fruity fragrance.

I think I’ll use this scent on those cold, grey winter days and just close my eyes and pretend I’m somewhere warm and tropical.

Cherry BombA delightful cherry aroma that is not too sweet.

This has to be the most powerful cherry scent I’ve ever smelled. It’s like POW! in your nose LOL but in a wicked way.

If you love cherry scents like we do, then you need to get this one, it’s the ultimate cherry scent, ripe, juicy, sweet and just the right amount of tart.

Cherry LimeA strong cherry and lime mix that creates a delicious fragrance.

Oooh, this one reminds me of a summer cocktail, perhaps one with lashings of vodka. 😛

We all know that cherry is a very strong scent, which is a great thing, but with this particular scent the cherry and the lime are perfectly balanced. It’s sweet, bright and refreshing.

Gingerbread CookieA nice spiced cookie, a freshly baked character with hints of vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger. Delicious!

I love ginger scents, especially bakery type ones and this particular scent is just perfect for me. It’s super spicy, warm and ever so comforting.

Green Apple ExplosionThis is quite possibly the “spunkiest” green apple fragrance on earth! We here at Noopy’s thought about calling it Granny Smith Apple, but this fragrance deserves a name that “pops” just like its aroma.

I am obsessed with this scent! Y’all know how much I love my apple scents, well this one is in a league of it’s own. It’s second to none.

This is the only one I’ve actually tried out of all my melts so far and I am so impressed with it. The scent throw is practically instant and so very powerful.

I think this may be one of my favourite scents this year, it reminds me of Sour Apple Hubba Bubba, it’s so tart, strong and juicy.

Island GirlA wild and strong blend of oranges and sweet cherry, with just a hint of vanilla. The perfect pick me up scent.

I went for quite a few cherry based scents with this haul and they all smell insanely good.

Just like the Cherry Lime wax melts, the combination of oranges and cherries is perfect with this scent, one doesn’t overpower the other. The vanilla adds a lovely creamy element to it as well, it’s delectable.

Orange Sherbet –  A very crisp, clean mandarin orange aroma with very faint hints of vanilla.

This scent is craaaaaaazy! Like you can actually smell the fizziness, as if the wax was mixed with heapings of sherbet.

I’ve been wanting a super duper strong orange scented product for a while and this is exactly that.

Vanilla Pineapple OrangeNoopy’s own creation of the three blends. A strong scent!

This smells, to me, like rich, creamy vanilla ice cream on a bed of fresh, juicy, sweet pineapple and just a pinch of orange zest on top. It’s mouth wateringly delicious.

Wild ThingA delicious mix of dark cherry and french vanilla.

This is a bursting blend of juicy, ripe cherries with creamy, buttery vanilla. It’s a deep, rich and seductive scent.

Terri, the lovely genius behind Noopy’s, also sent me a free Sex On The Beach wax melt which smells exactly like the cocktail; it was a lovely surprise and some great customer service.

So have you tried Noopy’s before? Let us know your thoughts and scents recommendations in a comment below.

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