Zax Beeswax Unicorn Poop Mason Jar Candle Review

Bet you never thought we’d ever be reviewing a candle with the word ‘poop’ in it, did you?

Neither did I to be honest – Haha!

Unicorn poop is different though, of course. Who doesn’t love unicorns? For me they always symbolise imagination, you’re already imagining a unicorn aren’t you? Mine has a purple sash and purple glitter running through its mane. I’d probably call it Violetta or… SEE! Imagination works.

That’s exactly what intrigued me with this gorgeous Unicorn Poop mason jar from Zax Beeswax. Because you have to imagine what unicorn poop could possibly smell like! 

Zax Beeswax have described it as;

“Top notes of fresh bananas and juicy grapefruit, middle notes of kiwi, juicy bubblegum, and strawberries; and a hint of vanilla as a base note. We don’t really know what Unicorn poop actually smells like – but we assume its as awesome as this.

Unlike our 100% Beeswax candles, this candle is a blend of beeswax and sustainable harvested, natural coconut oil. This blend ensures an absolutely perfect burn and maximum fragrance release. Although blended, this candle is still over 75% pure and natural beeswax”

On the first sniff when it arrived I could smell the banana strongly. The others filtered through very much in the background. I was expecting a very powerfully scented candle and I was surprised that once lit, it was very delicate. The banana scent had now merged more with the strawberry, the others still in the background but making a very fruity based scent but not overpowering.

When I saw all the scents that had gone into this I was a little worried that it would be too much. But the overall scent isn’t overpowering or too sickly, which can happen when you pack too much in to one candle.

I was really impressed with this candle and as a keen (and trained) beekeeper I was very interested to see what the quality of their products would be. I was really impressed and if you are looking for quality beeswax candles, look no further! Also I was impressed how clean it burned, the wick did need regular trimming and because the wax doesn’t pool very much I wasn’t sure that I would get a level burn – no worries here at all.

Sam did a round up post about Zax Beeswax here where you can learn more about them.

I’ve another review from Zax Beeswax coming soon. Stay tuned for reviews from this amazing brand but until then you can find Zax Beeswax on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter @zaxbeeswax. They are also on Etsy too!

If you want a sneak peek of the other candle I’ll be reviewing, check out our Instagram page 😉

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