Zax Beeswax Citronella Mason Jar Candle Review

I was lucky enough to be sent two candles from Zax Beeswax and as a bee-lover these were both super. I’ve reviewed Unicorn Poop already and now it’s time to review their Citronella candle.

Zax Beeswax Candles

The candle is described as…

When summer is near, so are the pesky little flying blood suckers. Our citronella candles are made using our own blend of natural, therapeutic grade essential oils.

Citronella, lemongrass, eucalyptus, and cedar wood essential oils are blended together for a highly effective alternative to the toxic citronella candles you find in most department stores.

These four oils have been proven effective in deterring mosquitoes, flies, moths, and other annoying winged insects. A safe and all natural insecticide. 

I have been planning for months (and months) about parties in the garden this summer. To date, there has been two parties in June. These were very last minute parties, very “quick, this might be our summer” parties. How I never thought I would be right! The weather in the UK has been awful this summer, I even read this week that our summer could actually all be over. it never even started!

I haven’t had the opportunity to burn this candle outside because on the days when it has been sunny, the wind has been too strong that keeping it lit would have been a struggle. The same goes for any of my outdoor candles; even with the candle lids and lanterns that I have.

Zax Beeswax Citronella Mason Jar Candle

So this one had to be enjoyed indoors and although the weather hasn’t been sunny. It’s been humid, real sticky weather. So the windows and back door need to be open for some air. Which is not great when you’re cooking in the kitchen as we seem to have a real influx of wasps. One is ok but four every time you are trying to cook is too much. So I lit this candle by the window and I was so impressed by the fresh lemon scent. Over here we only get the synthetic citronella blend and Zax Beeswax have got a much better blend. Perfect for keeping those pesky wasps away whilst I cook. Also the scent was great for getting rid of food smells too.

This wax pooled well and has burnt down clean the whole time. The quality of the beeswax as I mentioned before is superb. I’ve seen mixed results at craft fairs and the like over here. It’s clear that Zax Beeswax have done a lot of research and testing to get the best burn.

Zax Beeswax Citronella Mason Jar Candle Review

The wicks are really thick and I was surprised with both that the wax didn’t get loads of black bits in. The ones that fell in here are purely because of the wind. I’ve had thick wicks before and ruined a lovely clear wax pool. These were easily spooned out.

I’m totally gutted that the weather wasn’t better to use this outside but it still was very useful indoors. I will be getting another to have on standby for summer parties whether indoors or outdoors. This is a great candle for keeping the bugs away and also for smelling good too!

Sam did a round up post about Zax Beeswax HERE where you can learn more about them.

You can find Zax Beeswax on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter @zaxbeeswax. They are also on Etsy too! Go treat yourself, you know you want too. 😉

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