Warm Cotton Kringle Candle Review

Love Aroma have recently added Kringle Candle to their list of fabulous brands and we were lucky to be sent one each to review. Sarah was sent Royal Cherries (stay tuned for a mouth watering review of that) and I was sent Warm Cotton.

Warm Cotton Kringle Candle

Warm Cotton is described as a cosy, comforting fragrance with a clean and fresh aroma.
Usually I tend to steer clear of linen and cotton fragrances as I find them too over powering and more often than not they have too many floral elements to them that I dislike but actually I think this candle has converted me a bit.

I found the scent of Warm Cotton had light citrus notes and was quite fresh, the floral notes are gentle in it and not at all overpowering and it has traces of musk that really make it a lovely warm and soothing fragrance.

I usually associate these types of fragrances as bathroom scents, so I had mine burning in our main bathroom but actually I would quite happily have this burning in the living room or in our bedroom, it has a great calming aroma.

Warm Cotton Kringle Candle Review

I love the white neutral colour of all Kringle Candles, white goes with everything, so you can’t go wrong. Plus the jar is quite stylish and modern it could be so easily reused or upcycled.

Kringle use 100% pure food-grade paraffin wax in their candles and you can see the difference if you compare it to a poorer quality paraffin wax candle, just look how clean mine is burning, and it’s stayed like that, no smokiness at all.

I’ve tried Kringle Candle products before, but only their wax melts, so I was happy to try out their jar candles and am very impressed with them. Would love to try out Pink Grapefruit or Wild Poppies and will definitely treat myself. 😀

Have you tried Kringle Candles before? Any thoughts or scent recommendations? Let us know in a comment below.

Thanks again to Love Aroma for feeding our addiction. Be sure to check them out on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and on Twitter @LoveAromaStore

Stay tuned for more reviews and product features from us.

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