Sam’s Top 5 PartyLite Scents

I’ve been super lucky to be able to smell the majority of PartyLite’s amazing scents and to try a lot of their products too and I’ve always been impressed with them and can’t fault them. Having said that I do still have my favourites.

So here are my Top 5 PartyLite scents…

Sam's Top 5 PartyLite Scents

Ylang Ylang Black CurrantA scent that hails from exotic islands. Natural soy blend wax contains the essential oil of the sweet ylang ylang flower.

This was one of, if not the first scent I ever tried from PartyLite and I still remember the scent so fondly. Ylang Ylang Black Currant is a deep fruity scent, it’s quite sensual and relaxing.

Fig FataleIrresistible blend of sensual fig, succulent fruits and velvety vanilla. Fall under fig’s captivating spell.

Myself and Sarah both love anything fig scented, but I personally think this is a must have fig scent if you like fig scents as much as us. It’s bold, beautiful, strong and seductive.

Big Apple By NightCaptures the seductiveness of the city that never sleeps. Bourbon-soaked apples mingle with exotic spices and wood notes for an after-hours, downtown vibe.

I love apple scents and when I first smelled this I didn’t think it was all that apple scented, but when it melts the scent is unbelievable, it’s a grown-ups apple aroma. Very strong and sensual. Can’t recommend this one enough. If they  made Big Apple By Night in a perfume, I’d bathe in it!

Coconut CaressCreamy coconut wraps you in a tropical embrace. It’s the ultimate exotic fling.

This is the ultimate, pure coconut scent. There’s no messing around with this one, no added unwanted extras just luxurious, delicious and creamy coconut. Yum!

Golden BirchThe cozy scent of rich woods and spice mingled with a touch of smoky air.

Saving the best  for last  with this scent!

Generally I hate anything woody or pine scented, I don’t know what it is but I just can’t stand them; so I was nervous when I first got Golden Birch, but when I smelled it I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t get too excited because it could smell completely different when melting, but it didn’t, it smelled so good! The best way I can think to describe it is like rich vanilla ice cream on a campfire, you so know what I mean don’t you?!

Have you tried PartyLite products before? Let us know what products and scents you’d recommend in a comment below.

If you’re looking for a PartyLite consultant or are interested in becoming one, I would definitely say talk to Shirley, she knows her stuff. You can find her on Facebook, HERE or follow her on Twitter @DiamDelights.

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