Ruslana Candles Moso Bamboo Wax Melt Review

Ruslana Candles Moso Bamboo Wax Melt

This is the third product I’ve tried from Ruslana Candles and the scent  description says… “Fresh moss and fir needle head up this nature inspired scent. With additional notes of cypress, ginger, musk and clove.”

Generally I don’t like fir, pine or tree scents but I found the musk, ginger and clove stood out more, making it a very warm and masculine scent.

I’ve had this scent burning on and off for about four days now in our en-suite and there’s no sign of the strong scent going anywhere! Himself has commented on it, saying he liked it, which as Sarah will tell you as well, is always a great compliment, cause most of the time our men don’t notice anything when it comes to this sort of thing LOL. 😛

Ruslana Candles Moso Bamboo Wax Melt Review

Ruslana products are made from soy wax and hand poured with the highest amount of fragrance possible so that you’ll strong smelling candles, that will make your home smell beautiful.

Be sure to check out Ruslana Candles on Facebook, HERE and on Instagram, HERE. Ruslana Candles have over 500 different fragrances and a range of colours to choose from, perfect if you need custom made candles or melts.

Stay tuned for more product features and reviews.

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