Root Legacy Mountain Larkspur Candle Review

We were both looking to try Root Candles and getting one in my June Waxbox was awesome.

Root Legacy Mountain Larkspur Candle Review

Mountain Larkspur is described as…

“The green top notes of cassis and peach blend nicely with the woods of a mountainous forest, fresh clean and ozonic until the subtle rose, jasmine and musk of the larkspur take over. Green, fresh and luxurious”

Root Candle’s decorative votive candles are made with Root’s proprietary natural beeswax blend using pure essential oil fragrances and an all-natural cotton wick.

I burned this as a candle and as soon as I nearly finished it, I wished I had broken it up into wax tarts. The scent throw is always much stronger. I did take the leftover wax out and placed it into my burner and it was a lot stronger as expected.

The scents themselves are quite muddled, I hate to use this phrase but it was just, nice. It wasn’t anything pizazz and it wasn’t bad either. I wouldn’t be rushing out to buy it and I was very disappointed.  One of the scents I couldn’t get was the peach which was really annoying as it is a scent we are loving at the moment – see Peachy Perfection!

I just felt that it was a candle that did look like a good quality candle, but it had the scent throw of a lot of the Primark or Pound shop quality ones that I’ve tried.

Going through the other scent descriptions, nothing else really stood out for me. What Root Candle scents do you like?

Root Candles are available on their website and you can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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