Kiss Air Candles Frozen Margarita Wax Melt Review

When this arrived in my June Waxbox I couldn’t help but laugh! You see, before the box arrived we had been discussing this very brand and how we needed to try something soon. Hey presto, magic time!

Kiss Air Candles Frozen Margarita Wax Melt Review

I also loved the free catalogue, so my wishlist has grown, ha ha!

Absolutely loved this cocktail based scent, it’s perfect for Summer.  I melted this while I had another candle, that I was loving at the time, burning, which was a Fresh Strawberries candle from Village Candle. Strawberry Margarita anyone?

Kiss Air Candles use natural soyabean wax and I could see the quality in the melt when I unwrapped it, it didn’t have any broken bits and it felt sturdy.

On its own it’s lovely and fresh but with a real kick. I found the strawberry in the same room gave it another kick too, they mixed well together. Also it does look smaller than other wax melts but it is deeper, I couldn’t break this one up. Being smaller on appearance doesn’t mean that it doesn’t last long either, I got a good 15 hour burn from this one. Small but mighty!

I’m so pleased to have started my Kiss Air stalking for real now. The Cocktail Hour Collection is definitely on our wishlist and we also have our eyes on the Ice Cream Parlour Collection and one or ten others. 😉

Check out their website and you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Stay tuned for more reviews from us.

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