Candywick Maxi Wax Tarts Review

Candywick are a family-run business located in the heart of the United Kingdom. Their philosophy is simple… Use great quality sourced ingredients and traditional methods and mix it all with good old fashioned customer service.

I was recently sent some beautifully wrapped maxi wax tarts from Candywick and the smell when I opened the box was amazing, just so gorgeous!

Candywick Maxi Wax Tarts Review

Of course the vanilla-lover in me spotted Vanilla Champagne first, but oh the box was just filled with so much loveliness!

Here’s the scents and my reviews of each one…

Bergamot & Tarragon – This is a scent that I probably wouldn’t have picked myself. How stupid of me! This scent is beautifully calming and the gardener in me loves that fresh herb smell too. It’s not overpowering at all and it would suit all rooms, especially when you need a bit of a refreshing.

Vanilla ChampagneA beautiful sophisticated fragrance combining subtle hints of sparkling champagne and soft warm vanilla.

This is the very first scent that I happily saw in the box! Vanilla is a favourite scent of mine but both Sam and I have said that we have perhaps grown a little tired of just the normal vanilla scent. This exceeds that expectation, it’s vanilla mixed with fizz and it’s perfect for parties or having the girls around for movie night. Honestly I was devastated when I had used this up, it’s simply gorgeous!

Rainforest – This is as fresh as you would expect it to be. This was quite a unisex scent so I moved it into the bathroom, it’s perfect in there but it would also be great in bedrooms too.

Mountain CherryA fresh vibrant fragrance with a huge kick of cherries.

I was expecting more cherry richness if I’m honest but I still really liked this one. There just seemed to be something holding this back from being a really great cherry scent.

Love Potion – Slight confession, I get a little wary of “potion” named scents as a lot seem to have rose in them or be too overpowering for me.  This one did not need me to be wary, hello there orange scents! I’ve said for a while now that I’m heavy into the fruit type scents, I have anxiety problems and certain scents do calm me and this one is definitely on the list that helps me! So impressed with it.

Coconut and Lemon – There’s something so beachy about coconut, I blame Malibu sun lotion…Possibly also Malibu rum… 😛 This scent mixed with the lemon is very refreshing and sweet. I lit this one in my warmer in my bedroom as I did some long overdue clearing out. The smell was so beautiful and helped keep me motivated to carry on and not just sit and watch films on Netflix. I’m re-naming this one “My Motivation!”

I loved these Candywick maxi wax tarts. It was a great introduction to a brand and I am definitely looking forward to doing a haul soon.

Also I was beyond happy to see their Love Bite fragrance was in August’s Waxbox!

Some of their other scents on my list to buy are Watermelon Taffy, White Zinfandel, Sherbert Lemon, Banana Nut Bread and Praline Choco Latte. YUM!

We have a 10% off a £20+ spend at Candywick use the code VANILLALIME on your next haul.

Stay tuned for product reviews from this deliciously fabulous brand but until then you can find Candywick on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter @CandywickUK

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  1. Could not agree more with your comments on candywick. I have been lucky enough to try many of their range and love them all. Long lasting beautiful fragrances.

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