CANDLES WITH CHARACTER “Sleepy” Wax Melts Review

Sleepy was the first ever scent from My Dearly Loved’s Candles With Character range that I reviewed and I just loved it, so I was super happy when Lyn sent me Wax Melts in the same scent.

I said before that I do like coffee scents but often find that they’re mixed with another scent, like chocolate, caramel or hazelnut which isn’t a bad thing but it sorta mellows out the coffee-ness. With this scent, is does say in the scent description that it has a splash of vanilla but I found it the most true to life coffee scent I’ve ever had. With one cube in my warmer it was as if I had strong robust coffee brewing in every room in our home. It perked me right up! 😀

CANDLES WITH CHARACTER “Sleepy” Wax Melts Review

I just  adore Lyn’s candles and cannot fault them at all; if you’ve followed the reviews you can see from the pictures how clean and flawlessly they burn and their scent throw is unreal, so it’s not at all surprising the wax melts are just as freakin awesome!

I’m always a little sad when one of my Candles With Character candles burns out, because they’re some of the best candles I’ve ever had and the scents are unreal, but now that I have some wax melts I can have the wonderful scents whenever I want and I will be definitely ordering a bunch off Lyn soon. 😀

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