Zax Beeswax 100% Pure & Natural Beeswax Candles

Zax Beeswax is a company located in Illinois, they specialize in high quality handmade beeswax products including Mason Jar, Votive, Tea Light, Pillar candles and more.

All of Zax Beeswax products are made using Beeswax purchased from individually and family owned apiaries in the United States. The wax is triple filtered, inspected for quality, and then hand poured. Their products contain only natural and sustainable ingredients from their Beeswax, to their wicks, and to the recycled packaging they use for shipping their products.

To make Zax Beeswax just that much more awesome, they are active in their communities and donate a portion of their sales to several worthy non-profit charities and organizations. LOVE!

Here are some of our favourite Zax Beeswax products…

Zax BeeswaxLeft-Right: Caramel Apple Mason Jar Candle, Pure Beeswax Votive Candles, Tealight Beeswax Candles and Hillbilly Homebrew Mason Jar Candle.

Stay tuned for reviews from this amazing brand but  until then you can find Zax Beeswax on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter @zaxbeeswax.

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