In 1979, an American family business started to produce special scented candles: Scentchips®. What once started as a small family business has developed into a sizeable company with an internationally known product. The brand now includes a number of products, the basis of which are the spicy aromas.


We’re so happy to announce that we’ll be working with Scentchips to bring you new product features and reviews!

Scentchips are colourful wax chips that release a wonderful and intense fragrance when melted in a ScentBurner.

You are unique. As is your preference for fragrances. With Scentchips you can create your own personal and unique fragrance blend.

Scentchips prepacked Scentburners

Sarah has tried Scentchips before and spoke very highly of them so I look forward to trying their products and my gosh they have about a million amazing scents to choose from. Working with this unique and amazing brand is only going to worsen my wax addiction.

Stay tuned for more news and reviews!

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