Ruslana Candles Wildflower Honey Candle Review

Ruslana Candles and wax products are made from soy wax and hand poured with the highest amount of fragrance possible so that you’ll have the strongest smelling candles in your home.

Amongst a huge box of goodies from Ruslana Candles that I recently received was a lovely bright orange coloured candle that I was just dying to burn.

The scent description of the candle is: Sweet honey with a floral spicy nuance. Of particular note here is the strong accent on the mimosa floral note matching up well with the honey element. 
Generally I don’t like floral scents and I despise honey but there was something that I really liked about the scent of this candle, I found it had citrus elements to it and I really liked the spicy notes. It was quite unique.

Ruslana Candles Wildflower Honey Candle Review

The candle burned so well, very clean and evenly. I kept my wick trimmed all the time so that I would get the most out of my candle and it had a lovely scent throw off of it, I was really impressed with my first ever Ruslana Candle. I look forward to trying and reviewing more from Ruslana Candles, so stay tuned for those.

Be sure to check out Ruslana Candles on Facebook, HERE and on Instagram, HERE. Ruslana Candles have over 500 different fragrances and a range of colors to choose from, perfect if you need custom made candles or melts.

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